The whole process of ensuring the engineering process meets the highest quality is the responsibility of Professor Eng. Sixtus Kinyua Mwea, the Principal Director of the firm. Prof. S K Mwea is a leader in the Geotechnical Investigations and Structural Engineering field in East Africa with more than 35 years of industry experience. As the project director/team leader, he is in-charge of and responsible for the project, the assignment of personnel, co-ordination between the various team members, collation of reports and liaison with the Client.

In execution of our assignments, we follow a strict process-oriented approach which ensures consistency in the quality of the civil and structural engineering design and solutions which we develop and in the other engineering services that we will offer under our scope (such as construction supervision).

As shown below, we use different stages to ensure consistency in quality assurance.

  1. In the ‘Project Planning‘ stage, we define the outputs and set up the team that will be involved in the project.
  2. In the ‘Analyse‘ stage we define in details the process we will follow in our entire scope of works – civil and structural design.
  3. During the ‘Execution‘ stage, the process of design and documentation is carried out and completed.
  4. Finally, in the ‘Design Verification‘ stage, we ensure that the output meets our client’s objectives and needs, and offer the completed deliverable to the client.

Overall, we will ensure that our engineering workflow will be focused on quality, cost and on time delivery per the contractual obligations of the project.